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Community Involvement

Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

The purpose of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is to create a meaningful, two-way dialogue between the organizations that manage the Ride to Care program and those who provide, consume or are otherwise impacted by its services. TAC is currently being redesigned to incorporate a more participatory leadership structure. We will begin recruiting new members for TAC in June 2017. Come back in July for information about how to get involved in TAC.

Cultural Awareness and Agility

Access2Care and Ride To Care know that what we do affects the lives of people. Our corporate training includes a focus on cultural awareness and agility. We also learn by listening. There is a message in every complaint and every compliment. By gathering feedback, being part of the community we serve and developing effective Quality Assurance processes, we will continue to grow in ways that better serve our community.

We Want to Hear From You!

We want to give you the best service possible. If you enjoyed your ride, were unhappy with your ride, or have any other concerns, please tell us about it.

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